Fire by @pancakebandits

This photo set is a perfect example of what it means to do art like a true Pancake Bandit.  What do I mean by that?  I mean, when our crew, the original Bandits, decided to do a photo shoot – we scouted our location (an abandoned, locked/boarded up building) and then went about making it happen no matter what.  And that’s what it’s all about.  When the you know something is meant to be…when it’s alive in your imagination and all it takes is for you to take some initiative to bring it to life…DO IT!

Accomplishing something worth while is rarely easy and this shoot was a perfect example.  It was brutal.  Besides concepting, scouting, buying wardrobe and product for our model and hair/make-up girls, it took us 4 hours to do hair, another 3 or so (plus continuous touch-ups) for make-up, 1 hour to break into the building and hustle electric in – we had to flirt with a girl working at a gas station to get her to let us run an extension cord out of their building, down and alley, and into our building.  Then another hour or 2 for set-up, testing, and then finally shoot could BEGIN!   We shot for about an hour.  Oh, and it was summer, in Texas!  So it was blazing hot and we’re all sweating our junk off but have to somehow figure out a way to keep our lovely model sweat free so her make-up doesn’t run.

Easy?  Hardly.  Fun?  ABSOLUTELY!


Photographer: Jared Haskell

Lighting/Tech: David Lucic

Model: Lindsay Meggers

Hair/Make-up: Sara Tagaloa w/ Liz Saffold

Cash Money: Andrew Hummel

Art/Model Direction: Nathan Weller

If I missed anyone, please let me know in the comments and I’ll add you!

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3 Responses to “Fire by @pancakebandits”

  1. liz saffold says:

    ooo me! you missed me! i did hair and makeu-up with sara, the concepting and execution. i guess you would call that assist? and it roasted

  2. nathan says:

    Liz, you have been included :) Sorry for that slip of the memory!

  3. David Lucic says:

    You also missed me for “Photo Editing”
    You know I didn’t spend 8hrs. Editing that one photo for NOTHING hahaha

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