Dislodged (5): Play the Odds

I’ve been going out more.
I don’t discriminate,
I’ll kiss anyone.
And when I come home,
I strip naked.
Alone and soaked with sweat,
my body glows.
Sepia Tone, the street lamp,
my only witness.

I arrange assorted pills across my stomach.
I contemplate them by color and potential
as I sip my last whiskey.
Is tonight the night?

“You’re getting blurry.”
Says myself in the corner
To myself on the bed.

These sheets are sticky
and the window
only lets in more heat.
I read: “Love This Girl!”
Written in marker, one word per Polaroid-
Three photos
arranged in syntax
across my wall.

Those words at first were written
a joyful declaration,
now glaring;
A sentence from an unknown judge.

So yes,
I still wonder where you are and
how you’re doing.

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